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At International Cosmetic we pride ourselves in distributing the best cosmetic products from around the world. We began our journey in 2013 by introducing Paula's Choice to the Spanish market, which has become one of the most TOP online reference brands in Spain. Progressively, we have been adding brands that offer real results to our portfolio, all with the same common denominator: from nature, tested by science and recommended by the people of reference in the industry. Products that throughout their history have generated a change in the skin of millions of users.

The cosmetics industry needs a new approach. That's why we at International Cosmetic have taken the time to select the best ranges that match our belief in the importance of skin health and not just skin beauty.


The Spanish market is full of companies that claim that with a single ingredient they can provide "miraculous" or "instant results". Clients are confused by so much misleading information, that's why we have brought the most qualified professionals from all over Spain to our team, so they can guide you and teach you all about your skin and how you can change it.

Our Customer Care team has positioned itself as a national expert, where our customers believe in their advice and recommendations, as they truly notice a change in their skin every time.

About Us


With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, International Cosmetic provides the best training and support to dermatologists, pharmacists and professional estheticians who work with our products in their centers throughout Spain, making known the most avant-garde and effective international cosmeceuticals.

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